Monday, 9 February 2015



2015 has so far proven busy.

 A couple of auditions and job interviews/trials down and it's still only February! So quick update, last couple of months - omg, so busy, much work, little social life. I auditioned for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got through to the recall stage however, being the competitive business it is, I didn't proceed any further. As well as that, I also applied for Bristol Old Vic but didn't go any further than the preliminary audition.  However, may I openly comment on the interview for BOV? Ahem. What interview? That wasn't an interview. That was one question, which actually wasn't a very good one. Hate to be "slightly opinionated" but you know, when you're paying £50 a pop for auditions you hope that you're getting the most out of it. Know what I mean?!

 Anyway, moving on! I've now got Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (a day in Glasgow!) and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama coming up soon! I'll keep y'all informed...
So as well as that there has also been much talk of jobs- which I have aquired! Yes, I'm currently working in a delightful restaurant on the seafront - I've got a ver smart uniform yarh. Ver nice.  I am having to control my monster of an appetite because, for those of you that work in restaurants will know, the smell of ALL THE FOODS EVER brings out the biggest hunger demon in me and I--I just can't control it. I don't go crazy, I just longingly look at the kitchens with a puppy dog expression...
Yes I know. It's almost heartbreaking. 


I miss looking at music and suggesting tunes so here are some of my favourites at the moment!

Make Me Feel Better
Alex Adair

Perfect song for running or, if you're an arty person like me, it's a great tune for sitting back and drawing/painting/collaging! Give it a listen! 

Warm Foothills

I'm sorry, I've listened to this song ON REPEAT for donkey's so when I saw that it's only just coming out as Alt-J's next best song I was a little bit like now hold the phone. Such a calm relaxing tune, something to play just before you nod off or on a cold, rainy day with mug of soup in hand! I think if you're a fan of long woodland walks as well this is something to definitely listen too! 

Rabbit Hole | Jamie T

Words cannot describe my love for this song. It's brilliant. Listen to it. 
I've never really got into his music before but recently this has been a big tune for car journeys and just ye' standard bedroom dancing!

Anyway, I've got some brilliant things coming up this year *FINGERS CROSSED* and hope that you'll enjoy my 2015: A NEW ODYSSEY!

Ta ta.<3

Monday, 10 November 2014

July/August in photos


Hello, good morning, afternoon and evening!

Yes I'm back and this is a level of embarrassment I never hope to feel again PHAHA..ah.

I apologise heartily for my absence over these last three months of 2014 (although it's technically 4 but meh). It's been absolutely manic-crazy-oh-my-goodnessness-busy.

I had an idea.

Who actually looks blogs without the pictures?

So I thought instead of me rrrrrambling on with my incoherency, I thought I'd do a post to show you the main/important bits of the last 3-actually-4 months so you're all caught up on my adventures!
Maybe with a few anecdotes here and there. Maybe. Possibly. I'm trying to see things from your perspective, you may not be prepared for my Oxford First Degree English skills that I so clearly possess. (Ha.)


They were incredible...

Now I only really have a few photos on my phone because it kept dying, (TIP NO. 1 ON FESTIVALS: ALWAYS BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER) but this is a decent, not-very blurry one from T!


In August (well late July) I got the opportunity to travel up to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 'Twas excellent fun working with stacks of new people and networking to my hearts content. 

Assembly Gardens in the early evening!

I operated/stage managed two shows while I was up there, the first was Noggin the Nog which was performed at Assembly (pictured) and the second was A Male Soprano which was performed at Paradise Green 

"Noggin the Nog" production shot! We had a massive dragons head as part of the set and was always popular with the audience!

Nice shot of the local church and the Scottish hills!
Edinburgh was such a crazy, stressful, amazing and incredible experience and I suggest that all of you go at some point in your lives! 

 For ages now, I've tried to sort out a rota for my blog because, yes, I really have neglected it and since I said to myself at the beginning of the year that 'poshballoon.blogspot' would be my open journal/diary thing I've failed to maintain a position as a writer of my life (I should release myself from the blogger world I AM UNWORTHY OF THIS TITLE).

Write soon!

Ta ta.<3

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

May Antics - The Three Bridges Incident

The month of May was the busiest to date and as I was a terrible human and didn't blog AT ALL I'm making up for it by doing a series of blogposts about my 'MAY ANTICS' - filled with stories and updates about what happened last month!

But first let's start with the only one thing actually sticks out in my brain and I thought, now this, this story is worthy of a blogpost.

 Stick around if you can it's awfully entertaining tale.

So my friend of god knows how long Abi and myself decided that our long-awaited trip to London should finally happen! She'd quaintly suggested that we go to a workshop/talk that she was going to and that I'd go with her! This was the Tristen Sharpe workshop - it was all fab, we had far too much coffee and got caught in the Arctic Monkeys hype at Finsbury Park station (my fault entirely) but was all in all a fantastic day. However this wouldn't be an awfully entertaining story without something going wrong and that was this. 

On our train home, which we had to wait until after 7 to get, we stopped unexpectedly at Three Bridges Station due to a tragic accident that had happened down the track. Hopeless and unsure of what would happen next, we got of the train with so many other people you would not believe it. We found without any intention of doing so, befriending two ladies who were in high spirits despite the terrible and unintentionally inconvenient event. Abi and I were herded with the rest of the crowd and our new found friends to the front of the station where we were told to wait patiently for the replacement bus services to arrive... 

Well, stranded and thoroughly pissed off by the lack of organisation and care of the train services, we retreated to the nearest pub as my phone was running shockingly low on battery and we were undeniably in need of a drink. By this time, I fail to mention we'd gained another friend and had all discovered that we were all headed south to either Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings.

 Strangly we all found things in common and developed friendships rather quickly; I suppose in situations like that you have to, but I wouldn't have compromised those who we met on the day for anyone else! After a jaegerbomb and toilet trip, about an hour and a half into this event, we agreed that a taxi from Three Bridges would be our best bet. After one of our new found friends called various taxi ranks up, the buses started coming in but unsurprisingly with the amount of people still left at the station it turned into absolute carnage - honestly, it looked like something you'd see in the hunger games. People diving to get to the buses, crowding round, pushing, shoving etc. And we were there, the five of us like "Yeah, we've all bonded over this and we're laughing because life is too short to be negative over this NOW LET'S TAKE A SELFIE". 

In truth, we probably seemed like right insensitive bastards at the time and it was lucky that we did retreat to the Snooky Fox (yes, that was the name of the pub, but hey, let's not knock it they were very understanding of our situation) otherwise there may have been a punch up in which we would have been the cause of... not intentionally of course, it's not in any of our natures to solve a problem with violence. Alcohol and laughter: yes, that is what should solve things. ANYWAY, so the taxi came blah blah blah, we found out that they didn't hear us on the phone properly and we needed two more people blah blah QUE Russell and UKIP Peter to join the Three Bridges Clan. AND THEN WE SET OFF,

So by this time, I can imagine you feel slightly exhausted just by reading this, well imagine this happening plus feeling tired+exhausted+excited+giddy+delusional... Yep that was us. 
Russel and Peter were unlike the rest of us, both were mid 50s+ and one possessed 3 bottles of wine which they decided to swig in the taxi until we were told we couldn't (I accidentally lost the top to one of them and so Russell and Peter had to down it opposite the co-op petrol station). We then got some dosh out - I swear I spent more on the taxi than I did on the train, what an absolute outrage. 

Anyway on the journey, from when we arrived in Three Bridges at 7.50pm we were now at 11.30 and only just leaving. Abi, Brad and I were in the back laughing hysterically at the absurdity of what was happening and that after all this we were FINALLY going home! 
I should probably explain why UKIP Peter is called UKIP Peter. No he didn't support far as we know. He was however very 'about that life' and upon driving past a field, he slurred away about his involvement in fracking and oil or something. All I remember from that, was that I tried my very hardest to contain my laughter while Wendy said "I think I've just found Three Bridges very own Nigel Farage". 

We chatted, laughed and even came up with a sitcom; I'm still conferring with people over the idea expect something to crop on Digital Spy at some point (I jest). So yeah, that happened and Russell was awfully generous in paying for the rest of our journey from Brighton. RUSSELL IF YOU READ THIS YOU'RE A BLOODY BRILLIANT HUMAN BEING AND I SALUTE YOU SIR.

Oh yeah, we also did the Three Bridges Awards or the Taxi Awards - yes, if you ever find yourself in this position where you form a weird and wonderful bond with strangers and end up jumping into a cab with each other be sure to to the Taxi Awards (lets give it a generic term ey? Make things easier in a complex situation!) 

Abi and myself arrived home safe and well - I honestly don't know how we were still existing by that point it had been such an eventful day. Any other person would probably have knocked themselves out with a Nerf Gun but yes. 

Very eventful day and one I shall not easily forget! 

If you ever get yourself stuck in this situation, always make sure that someone knows where you are! Also surround youself with people who are in your position and you may bond - let's face it it's better than being alone!
Don't complain to the station, complain to eachother - complain after, professionally and calmly.
Wait for the bus service or honestly, just get a taxi - it may cost a little more but it'll get you home and you can always get a refund from the station. If they've dealt it badly it's their fault they can't get you home so make sure you get a refund!

Keep an eye out for more stories!
Ta ta.<3

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WHAT TO WRITE-- Jack in the Green!

Knowing that there's amazing trips to come in the future excites me to no end. 
Like wow, and I mean wow.
However much I want to write about them and let people who know what I'm going to do, I have literally no idea how to express them on me keyboard so let's talk about Mayday instead.
For those that don't know, in Hastings, my gorgeous town in which I reside, we have an annual celebration of the start of summer called Jack in the Green. We celebrate by dressing some poor soul (jack) in a tree-cage full of leaves and let half the town follow him before he is slain on a built-up stage on the west hill. This is meant to represent rebirth and growth in spring or something wonderfully uplifting along those lines.
We have the mad jacks, some scary raven people, a few milkmaids and a really, really tall mermaid! 

Of course it is a day traditionally known for vast amounts of alcohol being consumed, laughing and green paint (that will inevitably get all over anything that isn't green). And I was lucky enough to be greened on the way down to our family friends house - as well as capturing some amazingly close shots! I have a few pics on my Pinterest if you want to check them out or just head to my Facebook for the full album!

Because it was my mum's birthday the day before (may the fourth be with you), a few friends stayed down from all corners of the UK to enjoy the festivities so there was much drinking and nibbling and laughing. I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in AGES! On the subject, Mel my mum's friend organised some morris dancers to come and dance for mum's birthday as a surprise and it was a wonderful thing seeing my mum enjoy herself! They picked her up after too - it was simply fab! Here's some footage! 

Anyway back to JITG, I met up with a few friends, stroked a few owls, bumped into a few people and just laughed like crazy person. It was truly one the best weekends (kinda, count the Monday as the weekend (bank holiday and all that))! 

Also here's a bit of face painting which my friend did for me! 
Lurrrvely! So now's a good time to ask you: DO YOU CELEBRATE JACK IN THE GREEN AND IF SO DID YOU ENJOY IT?! Are there any other Jack in the Greens apart from Hastings and if so where are dey?!

p.s I'm so sorry this post is late - tomorrow's post shall explain whyyyy!

Ta ta.<3

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BlogButties - Supporting Friends Blogs

So if you actually read this waffle that I verbally vomit onto a blogpost, I'd like to check out me friends that also do blogs and wot-not because I'm feeling generous and I want to spread some love!

She has her website up and running now for those who're interested in photography I suggest you check her out! Her stuffs incredible and she has an amazing eye for things.
Click here to see her stuff!

I may have mentioned him in the past as he started his blog a few months ago, but he's very much a fashion guru giving you the latest trends usually from Topshop (promo) but he is fabulous when it comes to best picks for all styles as well as being an all round good guy.
Click here to view his blog and here for his channel!

Daisy started her channel last year and has stop for some unknown reason (shockaaa horror) DO ME A FAVOUR PLEASE ENCOURAGE HER TO DO MORE AS SHE'S MARVELLOUS!
See her channel here!

Jenny started her blog nearly a year ago now and is currently working with Nike! Amazing I know!
She's recently started up a channel too right heeerere - ain't she pretttyyy!

Silvana is a lifestyle/bblogger/fashion blogger and is just a perfectly smashing being with a very good eye for colours and trends!
Check her out here!

Zahra I consider to be almost family as I've known her for so long! She's a fashion and design student and has shown collections of her work at Dubai Fashion Week!
Check her out here!

Fast becoming part of the Youtubey community - so you should check him out!
Right here

That's all for now ta ta.<3

Friday, 25 April 2014

No7 Cool Vanilla. //REVIEW//

(phrase to be read/said quickly in an posh accent)

Well, my friend and I have this thing where, if we can't exactly afford something say a Pandora ring, we will go into Pandora and just try everything on and converse with the counter ladies without giving any indication that we neither buy the ring/s or no and still remain smiley and misleading. (hope that made sense, it certainly did in my head but you know what my heads like). True story though. 

Anyway, the other day we went into Boots and I immediately flocked to the No7 isle. We looked at the beautiful varnishs and lipsticks and then the foundation. I said to her we could get our skin/foundation colour checked out, because neither of us knew which colour foundation we actually were as we could never find the right colour match for our skin (first world problems *rolls eyes*)

(This box holds a candle called 'Melt' it is the best smelling wax I've ever smelt; can I justify spending £36 on a candle - on wax...WAX?)

Anyway 10 mins before closing, we went up to the No7 lady and were tested for our correct foundation colour. Gawd, technology is amazing these days. The lady cleansed our jawline (the only place where our faces don't flush - fun fact) with the £8.00 No7 cleanser and then placed a weird handheld tester thing (??). My colour flashed up - COOL VANILLA. Best moment ever - fantastic, I've actually got a colour which will most probably match my skin because the matcher thing said so!

So I asked for a Instant Radiance in Cool Vanilla. ... Umm... We discovered that it was quite a popular and therefore I went for another (because no one wants to watch a lady struggle to get literally tiny drops of foundation out of one bottle and into another). I then asked for Beautifully Matte. Again, proved popular. So I settled for the Stay Perfect. Which I LOVES.

Quality of the foundation isn't thin but it's substantial. Soft, fragrant smell - I'd go as far to say that it smells slightly rose-y. In texture it's really, reaaally smooth and kind to the skin.

I've been using Lucy Bee's Organic Coconut Oil as my daily moisturiser and in my opinion is the creation of Gods; it's literally like the best thing for skin since *insert best brand moisturiser*. It's obviously flakey when you take it out of the jar but when placed onto skin it liquidises and soaks up like a sponge and stays. 
(£6.00 a jar from Sainsburys but it's worth it because I cook, spread and massage with it - literally everything) 

Make sure you use it at least 30 mins before foundation application (poet) 

2 small  pumps cover my whole face
Apply to t-zone with fingertips
(warms up the foundation making it easier to blend in)
Quickly then use a make up brush - I use Real Techniques base brush (everyone's favvve) and blend in with swift, circular motions
I say quickly because you want the foundation to be fresh; if you leave it for too long on the skin then it can easily become cakey on the skin and therefore won't look terribly good/clog up pores etc etc...

(random picture)

Remember less is more; you want the attention to be on eyes and lips. 
If you are someone who suffers from ache or dry//oily skin piling it on actually makes it worse!! 
Unless you're on prescription, I suggest that you check out my friends blog whose dealt with ache and has a selection of products which she suggests will help!
+Jenny Scott Russell - FREYA'S FASHION CHAPTER

My advice would be...

LITERALLY USE THE COCONUT OIL - People with oily skin must be panicking slightly thinking OIL OIL TOO MUCH OIL
But honestly, rose-hip/coconut/almond oil meant to be a-muh-zing for all skin types and evens out skin tone and stuff (BIO OIL TOO)

Right so blend, blend blend until you're happy and have a perfect, precise finish.

I really, really like this foundation and will be definitely buying some as soon as I get me some dolla-olla-hola-hollaaaaa [i'm sorry].

Get 3-4-2 at +Boots UK on selected items - my choices based on this post would beeee....

No7 Stay Perfect - £14.50
RealTechniques Setting Brush - £8.99
Philosophy Purity 3-1 - £8.00/£17.50/£28.50

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you too have tried No7 products lemme know in the comments and we can discuss away! 

Ta ta.<3

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy'rth Day and John Cooper Clarke

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day to wish you all a Happy Earth day. The day where we appreciate where we live and continue to drive cars, pollute the atmosphere and poison the sea with urine and oil *smiles sweetly*. Happy Earth Day.

It's funny actually my dad and I were having a conversation about the earth the other day and all of a sudden he sighed and said that we have to do more to take care of our planet and that my brother and I will be of the generation where we really will have to take action and find new ways of creating energy; renewable fuels. Such as wind, sun and water. 
But nobody wants a massive windmill in their garden or solar pannells. No one wants to be cautious with energy. We take it for granted so much and I think it's made us greedy. I mean you know what guys we did have lives before electricity and we didn't all end up in a depressed mess. I'm not saying cut electricity all together but you know just use it wisely, our lives shouldn't be slaved to technology. 
I mean I'm pretty sure I can do without my laptop because I like talking to people and going outside and reading and writing and, here's something, I love letters. 
I know that's using up trees but at least with trees, you can plant more! (back to letters) Someone wrote me a formal letter, handwritten and everything, while I was doing some work experience and I honestly felt really, really chuffed because I thought: aww, you know what, that's lovely, I love letters! 

Anywayyy enough ranting. Happy'rth Day!

Hope you're all well and sturrrff, I'm preparing video ideas for my friend who are shortly leaving for South Africa; hometown of Casper Lee. They're being very brave and courageous young ladies and going over there to do some anti-poaching volunteering *enter some horrendous joke about scrambled eggs or boiling something*. Ooo that's a thing, one of them I met up with the other day for tea and lunch and she said that she's probably going to have to survive on eggs. Haha. There we have it. It's turned full circle. Or oval-- I'm sorry.

I realised that I'm okay off camera and not actually when everything is on and I'm talking; I develop a very high squeaky voice with a disgusting nasal quality. Not the most ideal thing you'd want a vlogger to possess but I'm practising and working on it. 

Moving onnn...

On Saturday I was volunteering at the DLWP and was lucky enough to watch some of John Cooper Clarke's act. He's brilliant he really is. Alex Turner's idol and basically non-biological father. But Clarke, it's literally tiny in real life. He must put all his efforts into his words and hair. I had to leave early but I caught his poem 'Twat' - the first thing that I saw of him and caused me to fall in love with him. Awh, I just enjoyed it sooo much. As well as you know, showing people in and stewarding, and chatting to people, ensuring that they're having a good time. I'd like to quickly say a massive thank you to Bob and Wendy for making me feel very welcome and paying for my cab home! :')

Yes, Bexhill Station you've got to put a sign up to show people where to go when the station closes because just assuming that people know where the back track is and that leads to the platform simply will not do!

Anyway John Cooper Clarke was amazing, and so were the other two (whose name's escape me I'm sorry)! 

Right time to tidy my room and listen to Radio 1. I will go there one day. 

Ta ta.<3